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I) Who are we

Modulex-solutions specializes in the distribution of manufactured endless modular screws. Whether it is a standard or custom product, the Modulex-solutions team offers its unique expertise to provide an endless modular screw with superior quality, tailored to your needs.

Modulex-Solutions is the exclusive distributor of the Archimedys brand in Canada. Archimedys is a registered trademark of the Exventys engineering company. The single drawing endless modular screws of Archimedys is an excellent compromise for standard endless screws, both in terms of durability , reliability , initial investment costs and maintenance.

The construction of an Archimedys screw includes combining modules selected from four different types of standardized parts. The outer diameters of the modules correspond to the standard dimensions of mechanical construction tubes in inches and metric. It is thus possible to realize most of the conveyor screw having a wide range of uses.

With spare parts in stock, we reduce the time and cost of handling by replacing only the areas damaged by accident or worn. Weighing less, about seven times than steel and a maximum lifetime (greater than steel in most cases), the modular Archimedys screw is ideal for abrasive applications and / or difficult configuration. In addition, our black screws modules are both anti-static and can handled extreme dry and magnetic material. We also have our white screw, which is excellent for food grade, FDA approved, and for any pharmaceutical conveying. Archimedys, trademark of the Exventys engineering company, was awarded the views of industrial innovation in 2011. Through its innovative design, the endless Archimedysscrew is a component of more and more installations worldwide. The Archimedys range is distributed in roughly 40 countries around the world

>winner of industrial innovation in 2011.



Save money : Get a screw by simply stacking modules around a hex shaft . Welds operations disappear. Maintenance costs are being significantly reduced.



Save time : Ensure the maintenance of your equipment or your customers by only replacing a used area with modules available from stock. The assembly takes only a few minutes.



Save use :


Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:Archimedys:Photo Archimedys:Photos2:Capture d’écran 2014-04-08 à 23.48.20.png


Designed in a polymer belonging to Archimedys, this screw with a unique design improves the flow of the material in the conveyor. It is naturally resistant to corrosion and to many chemicals. This polymer provides a non-stick coating that allows cleanings facilities operations.


Presentation of our range of products

Standard modularity types



Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:module.pngModule type F 

This piece is used to start or close the screw.





Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:module2.pngModule type M 1/2

This piece is a half a foot of a diameter . It is mainly used in screw introduction to accelerate the movement of the material at the inlet of the screw.



Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:module3.pngModule type M

Piece of the conveyer, diameter equal to a foot





Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:module4.pngModule type T

Piece for terminating flat end of screw.


Standard materials

The Archimedys modules are available from 2in to 12in as standard and are available in three different materials.

Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:ModuleU1.pngU1 (red) dedicated to common applications where a high abrasion resistance is required. High resistance to abrasion and aggressive chemicals.

Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:ModuleU2.jpgU2 (white) dedicated to food applications (FDA certified) U5 modules ( blue) available . Subsequently falls more easily following any material failure to carry.



Description : Macintosh HD:Users:Criju:Dropbox:ModuleU4.jpg>U4 (black) dedicated to transporting ATEX . Antistatic material that eliminates the risk of ignition in explosive atmosphere



Codification of a product

.    Let’s take for example code TRH 150-150 U1

The first letter defines the type of module. The letter T designates the terminating module, the conveying module M or extraction, the flange F. The second letter indicates the direction of the pitch, R for right and L for left. The third letter is a code of the tree. H denotes a hexagonal shaft. The first set of numbers given in the functional mm outer diameter and the second gives precedence. The last part of the code starting with U1 defines the type of material (U1, U2, U5), as described in the previous paragraph. Thus, TRH 150-150 U1 is a terminator, right hand, hexagonal shaft, diameter 150 mm, height 150 mm for uses in high abrasion conditions.




II) Security and prevention of risks


Security must at all times be considered an essential factor for the operation of machinery. Most accidents are the result of carelessness or negligence. All power and rotation transmission members are potentially dangerous and should be monitored by the operator, installer, purchaser, owner and user as required by applicable laws, regulations, standards and good security practices.

It is the responsibility of the operator, installer, purchaser , owner and user to install, maintain and operate the parts or components provided by Modulex-solutions inc. so as to comply with all national and local laws, ordinances and regulations.


Taking into consideration all the physical aspects of the facility, or all of the following protective measures may be needed to protect operators and those working in the immediate area of the conveyor.


COVERS AND GRIDS . Use robust grids in all open loading areas and solid lids in other places. Covers, guards and gates at entry points must be made in such a way that the staff can not be hurt by the screw.


CONSIGNMENT AND DECONSIGNMENT. A formalized procedure to be followed when a conveyor is stopped for maintenance or repair the equipment before the conveyors or guards are removed. All safety devices , covers and guards must be placed before reactivate the conveyor.


PROTECTIONS. To protect the operator and others in the work area , the operator must have in place protection for all exposed equipment such as axis motors , gears, shafts , couplings , etc. In this publication are presented conveyors covers and protection removed to facilitate the visualization of moving parts.


The conveyor should not be used without protection and covers.


Static electricity can build up on the screws without modular plastic and can produce an electric spark. Do not use screws Archimedys to transport non-conductive materials in a fuel environment without prior consultation Modulex-solutions inc.. An antistatic material may be used in the U4 classification for explosive environments.