With Modulex modules you can model your own screw without the need for special knowledge. The assembly is carried out using standardized components offered in our catalog . Everything can be adjusted to intermediate diameters, if necessary.


Resists abrasion, corrosion and many chemicals. Steel can bend, but Modulex modules cannot. They have strong impact resistance and improve the flow in the conveyor. Reduce noise in service and require up to 3 times fewer intermediate bearings. Reduce your energy consumption.


The assembly of Modulex modules takes only a few minutes. In case of damage, you only have to change the damaged module, without the need to replace the entire screw. You can resume your production very quickly!


Modulex modules have anti-adhesive properties and behave like scrapers. They allow elements to be transported smoothly while reducing losses. Welding operations disappear, maintenance costs are considerably reduced. The maintenance of your conveyor is simplified to the extreme!

Works with over 500 materials

Whether for food application (wet and sticky material, frozen, sensitive to contamination, etc.) or industrial (abrasive, corrosive, explosive material, etc.), our conveyors can transport more than 500 different materials ( consult the complete list ).



Modulex Solutions Inc. is a Montreal-based company specializing in the tailor-made manufacture of modular screw conveyors in the industrial, food and agricultural sectors.

The particularity of our solution lies in the screw. Indeed, it is composed of several modules. The material used, plastic polymer, has many advantages over a steel screw. This product is the winner of the innovation award.

We have, in addition to our modular solution, complementary products that can be integrated in your conveyors for better performances. Everything can be adjusted according to your needs.

This innovation allows us to offer our customers superior conveying performances and economic benefits. Today, with a revolutionary product, our ambition is to become the leader of the north-american modular screw conveyor market.


Industrial modular screw conveyor






Modulex Solutions Inc. is specialized in the design and manufacture of tailor-made screw conveyors and related products.


Whether for a standard or customized dimensions project, Modulex Solutions Inc. offers conveyors equipped with high quality Archimedys ™ worm screws. The company is the North American exclusive distributor of Archimedys ™ screw modules. This advantage allows Modulex to offer conveyors whose performance exceeds what the competition offers. Being four times stronger than steel, Archimedys™ modules are particularly advantageous for sticky, abrasive and corrosive materials.


With a choice of three types of polymer modules with unique properties, our conveyors are dedicated to the food industry, agricultural and industrial production and hazardous materials in explosive environments.

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