9" (DN230)

Our modular screw conveyors include 2 standard modules.

You will thus find "square PAS" for the conveyor (MRH).

This configuration allows for easy cleaning by simply removing the modules from the shaft, washing them and putting them back in place. You can also seal the modules with Loctite 9480.

  • N Half 9in.PNG

    Power module

    MRH 230-100

  • N MRH 9in.PNG

    Conveyor module

    MRH 230-200



Modulex Solutions Inc. is specialized in the design and manufacture of tailor-made screw conveyors and related products.


Whether for a standard or customized dimensions project, Modulex Solutions Inc. offers conveyors equipped with high quality Archimedys ™ worm screws. The company is the North American exclusive distributor of Archimedys ™ screw modules. This advantage allows Modulex to offer conveyors whose performance exceeds what the competition offers. Being four times stronger than steel, Archimedys™ modules are particularly advantageous for sticky, abrasive and corrosive materials.


With a choice of three types of polymer modules with unique properties, our conveyors are dedicated to the food industry, agricultural and industrial production and hazardous materials in explosive environments.

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